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Speakers for Black History Month 2023

“Saluting our Sisters”

Black History Month is a time of reflection, celebration, and recognition of the significant contributions of the Black community to our society. This year, the theme for Black History Month is “Saluting Our Sisters,” a tribute to the incredible Black women who have shaped our history and continue to influence our present and future.

At The Speakers Agency, we believe that understanding and appreciating diverse cultures and histories is not only enriching but also essential for any thriving organisation. It fosters a more inclusive environment, encourages diverse thinking, and promotes a culture of respect and understanding.

To support your organisation in engaging with this year’s theme, “Saluting Our Sisters.” We have a roster of exceptional speakers, including renowned authors, activists, and thought leaders, who can provide insightful, engaging, and inspiring talks about the contributions and impact of Black women throughout history.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss this further. We look forward to the possibility of working with you to make Black History Month 2023 a meaningful and enlightening experience for your organisation.

Nicola Rollock is Professor of Social Policy & Race at King’s College London and Distinguished Fellow, Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. She is interested in how we think about and understand racism as a basis for fostering meaningful change.

Nova Reid is a thought leader, bestselling author of ‘The Good Ally’, TED speaker and curator of courageous conversations. She speaks on a huge variety of topics, using her professional background in mental wellbeing to encourage meaningful change from the inside out.

Dame Kelly Holmes is a worldwide female sporting icon and Double Olympic champion. Kelly is a passionate advocate of Diversity and Inclusion, hoping to inspire generations to come that they should not be held back by their race, gender, sexuality or social class.

Afua Hirsch is a former barrister, journalist and documentary maker. She is best known for her ground-breaking book ‘Brit(ish)’ – a bestselling, award-winning account of identity and belonging in modern Britain.

Dr Shola is a lawyer, an impressive speaker, activist and regular media commentator. She is the author of ‘This is Why I Resist,’ the anti-racist book that has been described as ‘shaking the nation out of its slumber.’

Sophie Williams is a regular panellist, speaker, consultant, and workshop facilitator with a focus on Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion, and Allyship. She is the Author of acclaimed books Anti-Racist Ally (2020) and Millennial Black (2021).

June Sarpong MBE has enjoyed a 20-year presenting career during which she has become one of the most recognisable faces of British television. She is one of the UK’s most intelligent and dynamic diversity speakers and event hosts. In 2019, June was appointed as the first ever Director of Creative Diversity at the BBC.

Denise Lewis OBE is an accomplished presenter, broadcaster and speaker. She is also a former Olympic gold medal heptathlete (2000 Sydney Olympics) and President of Commonwealth Games England.

Jaega Wise is the Head Brewer of East London based Wild Card Brewery. Jaega is vocal about equal representation within the brewing community. She spearheaded an industry-wide ruling in the UK that banned sexist, homophobic, and racist labelling on beer.

Naomi Sesay is a highly respected keynote speaker, international public speaker, broadcast TV producer/director, and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in television and media. Naomi currently serves as the Head of Creative Equity at Channel 4 and previously held a senior trainer position for FTSE 100 companies.

Roshan Roberts is an award-winning radio producer and broadcast journalist, best known as the co-founder of Dope Black Women. Founded in 2019, she aims to connect, nurture and educate women across the globe curating events, hosting a podcast and digital safe spaces.

Naomi and Natalie Evans are a dynamic duo who are making a powerful impact on the fight against racism. They are speakers, authors, educators, and award-winning influencers for their Instagram platform Everyday Racism which serves as the largest anti-racism platform in the UK.

For more information on booking a speaker for Black History Month for your team, call The Speakers Agency on +44(0)1332 810481 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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