Luncheon Club Speakers

Dotted all over the United Kingdom Ladies Luncheon Clubs and WI’s, some of which have been in existence for more than 60 years continue to thrive. Some of the Ladies Luncheon Clubs are dwindling in their member numbers but in the main like the county and local WI groups, they are going from strength to strength. Most of the LLC’s are run independently of each other and cater for ladies of a certain age. They get together monthly to enjoy companionship, news and to be entertained and informed by a different speaker each time. Many were formed by wives of businessmen way back when so should be seen as the forerunners to the women’ networking groups of today. Many of our Ladies luncheon club speakers enjoy being invited to speak for Ladies Luncheon Clubs and the Women’s Institute and The Speakers Agency’s lovely Jennie Storr is our dedicated LLC speaker finder.