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Gillian Cane

Gillian Cane was educated at Liverpool University and then, having won a Rotary International Foundation Scholarship, at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA.


About Gillian Cane

Gillian Cane is currently working at Oxford University, she is a director of the Army and Navy Club in London, and continues to have the pleasure of writing and giving talks on a variety of subjects.


After returning to London, Gillian Cane worked for the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers’ Association researching government funding for small businesses with Richard Page MP.

Gillian then attended The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and went on to become the first woman ever to serve with The Royal Green Jackets, followed by a tour in Cyprus with 9 Signal Regiment.

Back in civilian life Gillian went to work as Manager, International Affairs with the Automobile Association and became the first woman to serve on the Management Council of the Alliance Internationale de Tourisme.  Still with the Automobile Association Gillian managed the AA Magazine which, at the time, was the largest circulating magazine in Europe.

Following the birth of her two children, Gillian went on to work for herself in a variety of freelance positions including delivering talks and lectures around the country, and working within a closed community dedicated to recovering drug addicts and alcoholics.

The two children having grown up, Gillian now works at Oxford University, she is a director of the Army and Navy Club in London, and continues to have the pleasure of writing and giving talks on a variety of subjects.


Speech Topics

​⦁ A Tour of the Bodleian Library, Oxford University
This talk will give you a real feel of the history of the Bodleian Library since it originally opened for business in 1488.  The talk is full of interesting anecdotes and fascinating details.

⦁ The Miracle of Bletchley Park
It is just not possible to recount all of the wonderful things about Bletchley Park in one talk, so Gillian concentrates on some of the brilliant and truly eccentric characters who peopled the park during the Second World War, and talks about why it was such a miracle to her.

⦁ The Mitford Sisters
These six sisters were, by anybody’s standards, outrageous.  They shocked and appalled in equal measure.  They are, however, enduringly fascinating.

⦁ It’s A Girl’s Life in the Army
This talk recounts how Gillian herself went from London Girl About Town to become the first woman to serve in one of the top infantry regiments in the British Army.  As the only woman serving with the regiment at the time there were many hilarious consequences.

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