Branding & Marketing

Branding is not only an essential part of business. Branding is vital to the success of a business.  It needs to be instantly recognisable and one that people remember.  And we offer a wide range of experts, celebrities, business owners and individuals who have mastered the art.  From perfume extraordinaire Jo Malone to BJ Cunningham, the man who branded “death cigarettes,” these speakers are excellent at motivating and inspiring, educating and encouraging both companies of all sizes and individuals.  Our speakers talk expertly on brands such as Ann Summers, Ultimo, Norton Motorcycles, Bannatyne Gyms, Kirsty’s Free From, The Beauty Bible, The Ivy Restaurant, Gladstone Motorcyles,Porche, BMW, Formula 1Innocent Drinks, Stoats Oats, Balhousie Care Group to name but a few.  We also offer industry experts who advise on what not to do and those who have suffered from a big brand failure like Gerald Ratner.

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