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How Expert Speakers Can Elevate Transgender Awareness Week Events

Transgender Awareness Week is set to take place this year from 13th to 19th November, and it has never been more crucial for us to actively participate and amplify the voices of the transgender community.

The current landscape in England and Wales has seen a staggering 56 percent surge in hate crimes against transgender individuals within the past year alone. This alarming statistic reminds us of the pressing need to address these issues head-on and strive towards fostering inclusivity at every level.

Having a speaker for Transgender Awareness Week can be instrumental in this journey. They provide an intimate look into the realities of transgender issues, rights, and experiences, challenging misconceptions and biases along the way.

Top Expert Transgender Speakers available to book

Charlie Martin

Charlie Martin is a professional racing driver and LGBTQ+ activist. In 2022, she finished 2nd in the North American Lamborghini Cup. She made history as the first ever transgender driver to compete in the legendary Nürburgring 24hr race (2020 / BMW M240i) and is a BMW Friend of the Brand.

Max Siegel

Max Siegel uses an approach of honesty, vulnerability and lived experience to allow his audiences to understand how it feels to be an transgender person in the world today. As well as discussing the importance of recognising and supporting the growing number of LGBTQ+ people in the workforce today, Max also covers the real business value of inclusion both internally and externally.

Jaxon Feeley

Jaxon Feeley is a proud advocate for the Transgender Community. A Podcast Host and Motivational Speaker, Jax transitioned in 2021 whilst a serving prison officer. He is a captivating speaker on his lived experience and changing attitudes along the way. Jax is also available for talks with his Dad, who can offer a perspective into a parent’s lived experience of their child transitioning.

Katie Neeves

Katie Neeves has been a professional photographer for 37 years, but she came out publicly in 2018 as being transgender after living for 48 years as a man. Katie formed Cool2BTrans to support and inspire other trans people and to educate everyone else about trans people, using humour to break down barriers. She is available for both talks and workshops on Trans Awareness, Allyship and Inclusivity.

India Willoughby

India Willoughby is described by Piers Morgan as “The best trans role-model in Britain.” The Celebrity Big Brother star has never been far from the headlines in recent years. India broke new ground in broadcasting by becoming Britain’s first transgender Loose Woman – and the world’s first transgender television newsreader for Channel Five.

Matt Ellison

Matt Ellison is a highly sought-after speaker on transgender issues, LGBTQ+ issues, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). His personal experience as a transgender man, which has been both painful and transformative, has made him one of the most experienced and in-demand speakers in the UK and beyond.

Want to book a speaker?

As we approach Transgender Awareness Week, consider booking an expert speaker to enlighten and educate your team. Hearing first hand from a transgender person is one of the best ways to break down misconceptions and help us all become better allies to our transgender and LGBTQ+ peers.

To discuss your event requirements, fees and availability for any of our speakers, get in touch today at +44(0)1332 810481 or email today.

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