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Why booking the perfect Conference Speaker makes all the difference

Bruce Dickinson on stageMost of the time a speaker finders don’t necessarily have a specific conference speaker in mind when they call or email The Speakers Agency.  Moreover they are may not even be sure what type of conference speaker they require. Sometimes they are not wholly convinced of the benefits of using a conference speaker for an event.

That is where we come in. The Speakers Agency has nearly 20 years of experience of matching the best conference speakers to client’s specific briefs. Most of the bookings made since we first launched in 2001 are for speakers we have recommended.

We know our speakers well and most bookers ask for our guidance and suggestions. That said we are equally happy to supply a speaker requested by a client.

However sometimes it becomes instantly apparent the speaker being requested is  at the top of the list for all the wrong reasons! This is where our expertise comes in.

For example: a brilliant chef who is on the TV and delivers his speeches about cooking eating bugs whilst living with a tribe most eloquently might not work for obvious reasons for an audience of motor mechanics. That said a chef who is a complete petrol head and who loves nothing better than expertly taking a classic car engine apart might work brilliantly. Often someone from a TV show like Top Gear or Formula One would be a much more appropriate speaker in this instance.

For example:

David Coulthard

Former world class  Formula One racing driver David made his Formula One debut back in 1994 and retired in 2012. He won 13 Grand Prix in a career spanning 15 seasons. Now a popular keynote speaker and TV commentator, his speeches inspire, motivate and encourage teamwork. He is also a leading speaker on leadership. Finally, he has used his talents in the business arena to create several successful businesses. David also holds a number of brand ambassador roles.


Nick Fry

The former CEO and co-owner of Mercedes F1, and its current Commercial Advisor, Nick is an established keynote speaker with a humorous, anecdotal style.

Would be perfect in this instance

There are certainly no hard and fast rules for booking a conference speaker

However, utilising our expert knowledge of who will work and who won’t always prove invaluable.

Most of the current most popular conference speakers have invaluable experience in several fields.  They have an in-depth knowledge of key conference subjects. These include change management, transformational leadership, branding and innovation. Conference speakers need to be engaging, interactive, impactful.  They share practical tools and know how to deliver first class business story telling.

For example:

Roger Flynn

Roger is passionate about transforming organisations, markets and business models and the Leadership required to deliver the Vision. He has driven transformational change in highly recognised global businesses and invests in media and travel businesses that have the potential to disrupt their markets. Current speech topics include Disruption, Transformational Change, Leadership.


Rita Clifton

Rita Clifton CBE is a keynote business speaker, writer & practitioner on all aspects of brands, branding and business leadership. She has been recognised in the Debretts 500 most influential people in the UK. She is also regarded as one of the most inspirational women in the media and communications business over the past 60 years.

Our conference speakers come from every walk of business life.  Education, procurement, retail, sales & marketing, sport, chain management, food, media, beauty and pharmaceuticals.  Oil, insurance, public relations, automotive, politics, law, logistics, procurement, finance, airlines and more.

For example:

Jo Fairley

One of the UK’s leading motivational speakers Jo tells the hugely inspirational story of the global ethical brand Green & Black’s. This is the business she created with her husband from scratch.  She shares her business insights with audiences across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and USA. She is also often able to supply chocolate for guests and delegates. Co-founder of Green & Black’s, Judges Bakery, The Wellington Centre (wellbeing and integrated health) Jo’s latest business is The Perfume Society.


Dr Florence Eid-Oakden

Dr Florence Eid- Oakden is a world renowned economist, successful business woman and keynote speaker.  Her impressive expertise covers the oil industry, Middle Eastern Geo politics, innovation and business in general

They are likely to have run instantly recognisable businesses, some of which have reached a global stage. Some may have led sporting teams to the most astonishing sporting achievements. And others might have simply created a business empire, against the odds and with resounding success. Most will have overcome huge hurdles along the way.  All will have done their homework before attending the conference.  They will be the kings and queens of communication, stragegy and keynote conference speaking.

For example:

Kevin Gaskell

Kevin is an energetic and passionate leader with a proven record of managing growth, driving successful turnarounds and delivering substantial improvements in company’s already considered to be market leaders. Heading up UK operations for Porche and BMW and in the space of five years Kevin bought Porche back from the brink of bankruptcy to be the UK’s most profitable car company. For BMW, record growth during which sales improved by 40% and profitability increased by 250%.


Michael Bergdahl

Michael is an international business speaker with substance.  He is one part solid business content, one part inspiration, and one part storyteller author and turnaround specialist. Working for Walmart, as the Director of “People” he also worked directly with Walmart’s founder Sam Walton. Many consider him the leading authority on the best leadership practices of Walmart & Sam Walton. Michael speaks at events around the world.

Most important of all is that the best conference speaker fits the brief.  So whether they are a veteran in their field or someone who is up and coming in the world of conference speaking, as long as they are first class it doesn’t matter.  Some may be not so well known but as long as they captivate their audience from the moment they walk on to the stage everyone is on a winner . It is their invaluable messages and advice, their information, and observations that leave a memorable impression on the audience which matters.

Please contact The Speakers Agency at any time to inquire about speakers for all your events be they be in person or for a virtual presentation,  email or call +44 (0) 1332 810481

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