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Why Motivational and Inspirational Speakers are vital for boosting staff morale and productivity

A great inspirational and/or motivational speaker instantly captures the audience’s attention with their dynamic story. They use the impact of their journey to encourage the audience to analyse their own situations and think about how they can do things differently to achieve their goals.

Inspirational and motivational speakers are people who have achieved greatness by overcoming extreme adversity in their lives, traversed what appears to be insurmountable obstacles, built big business from scratch and achieved high levels of success in their chosen fields.

Be sure to browse our motivational and inspirational speakers page and be blown away by the selection of incredibly determined and courageous, bold and charismatic people.

We are immensely proud of our impressive list because they all have the ability to inspire and motivate by delivering a powerful message to all.

Sally Kettle

Sally Kettle is the first woman to row the Atlantic Ocean twice from East to West, and then did it again with her mother. Sally also took part in the last leg of the World Clipper race in May 2010. She retraced WW2 heroine Nancy Wakes footprints across the harsh Pyrenees with former Olympic swimmer Suzanne Dando and seven other women.

Her speeches are both hilarious and informative, and evoke a whole range of emotions. Her account of rough seas, wild storms, harsh living and encounters with sharks is delivered in fantastic style.

Calum Best & Mark Joseph

Television personality and entrepreneur Calum Best, known for his appearances on programmes such as Love Island and Celebrity big Brother has teamed up with his business partner Mark Joseph to launch Best Me Life. This is a journal and lifestyle brand enthusing Productivity and Mindfulness with daily gratitude, goal setting, affirmations and daily discipline for a Best Me Life.  They speak regularly at schools in conjunction with the NSPCC, to corporate sales teams, businesses companies about how to improve their personal or professional input for a better life output.

Dr Kate Allatt

Dr Kate Allatt recovered from her initially diagnosed Locked In Syndrome in 2010. Shortly after leaving hospital she founded her charity, Fighting Strokes. She is a funny and inspirational, global keynote and after dinner speaker and winner of Extraordinary Woman 2011.

She regularly receives standing ovations for her motivational talks on resiliency, diversity, communication and leadership.

Ben McBean

Double amputee Ben McBean served in Afghanistan with the Royal Marines and stood on a Taliban landmine. He managed to recover and ran the London… Twice.

A prolific speaker, he receives outstanding feedback every time with his hugely motivating speeches. They are excellently presented and he inspires everyone he meets with his humble and determined approach to a life without his left arm and lower right leg (and numerous other injuries).

His speeches are focused on how he won’t allow his disabilities to define him, along with other topics such as positivity and resilience.


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