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Media, Speaker and Communication experience is essential for almost anyone delivering a speech, advertising their brand on social media or speaking in the media and on TV.

Just recently the Covid Pandemic threw up so many quandaries for so many as Zoom and other digital comms platforms took over our lives.  A lot of people suddenly faced their greatest fears. Having to speak on camera, in public, hold participants attention and often at short notice.

So if you or one of your executives, managers, partners or department requires assistance in any comms arena please contact us for more details.

Why you might want to consider media, speaker and or communications training

The art of giving a good media interview or delivering a memorable speech doesn’t come easy to most people.  And increasingly the demand to deliver video commentary on social media simply can’t be ignored.  But how can you know how to steel yourself and not appear shaky or worried? You need to be prepared.  You need to know how to answer and if necessary, how to dodge what you don’t want to respond to. Even more importantly what body language to use or avoid.  These are just a few of the thing’s interviewees have to bear in mind.

Catering for everyone

We cater to all clients and are finding increasing numbers of senior management are requesting training for their middle managers. Having burst through the ranks they don’t have the requisite skills or confidence to deliver on brief.

So if you are asking yourself: Is my or my employee’s performance on stage or on screen going to be up to it. Or do they have the skills to survive a media interview and get the message across?  They need help so please call or email us to discuss your requirements.

All our trainers are highly experienced broadcasters and journalists.  This is what they excel at. They provide bespoke training to individuals and organisations alike because what you need, they can deliver. They are incredibly gifted and experienced trainers and offer 1-1 as well as group sessions.  They will help you grasp how to prepare content and decide what to include and what to avoid. Furthermore, they’ll coach you on how to propel your voice and how to present yourself and your mannerisms. All essential elements for a successful speech.

Can we help you

Similarly, not everyone is born a natural public speaker. It can be a tough call.  So, it is not surprising how some people find themselves filled with dread.  Especially when faced with what they consider to be the dilemma of having to give a speech or an interview. Some folk definitely have the natural gift and instinct, delivering the perfect interview or speech.  Unfortunately, others are either too confident and need training so as to not appear ill prepared or cocky.  And alongside those who are nervous, unsure of how to deliver the message there are those who are scared of how the content of the speech might be received or misconstrued.  After all, in today’s world virtually every speech or interview ends up on video or audio on a social media platform.

So whether you are a novice or at the top of your game, great communication training is well worth participating in.  It can only benefit you in both your private and working life in equal measure.  It may be that you have job interviews to prepare for or even conduct.

Unfortunately, you might be a senior leader faced with an uncomfortable announcement to make which you know the press will pick up on.  Worst still you could be concerned about a business presentation you have been asked to give because your job depends on it.

Whatever the reason these great trainers are here to help.  Even the proudest of Dad’s sometimes need help as many dread delivering a father of the bride speech.

For further information please email

Sonia Beldom is a TV producer, brand consultant and camera confidence coach. She has a background in creating original TV ideas and casting celebrity series for network TV. An established media and communications trainer she runs courses in presentation and pitching skills. Clients include D&AD, creative start-ups, PR agencies and CEOs. She’s helped take HECK from country kitchen sausage makers to a multi-million pound empire and has transformed shy communicators into successful public speakers. Sonia is an energetic, transformational coach and offers camera training for your very own TV presenter experience.

Dickie Arbiter LVO is a former press secretary to Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.  As a seasoned veteran of the broadcast media, Dickie assists clients in learning how best to present themselves on television, radio and the speaker’s platform. Too often an unfortunate phrase, and ill-judged word, or a nervous spokesperson, can do huge damage.  In just a few seconds of airtime a great opportunity can become a disaster. Dickie uses his many years of experience to help clients gain the confidence they need to efficiently enhance their organization’s media profile.

James Pearce is one of the UK’s leading media trainers. A BBC broadcaster with more than 20 years’ experience, he knows everything about the art of successful communication. His high profile clients include the England football team, FTSE 100 executives and NHS England. If you are hoping to raise your media profile then James can prepare you. Whether it be a straightforward interview or for a challenging one.  The training is also extremely useful for speakers from all walks of life.  His tips on how to improve your messaging can be transformational.

Maxine Mawhinney is a consummate communicator and a journalist for 40 years, 20 of them as a senior BBC News Anchor in the UK.  She was also the BBC US Correspondent  Maxine is renowned for her media and communications training, and was recently appointed Senior Faculty Member of the Karolinska Institute and Hospital Leadership and Communications Programme in Stockholm.   Since leaving the BBC in April 2017 she is speaking, hosting and facilitating events at many events.  She also prepares all kinds of people including senior leaders for the media and communications challenges they may or are facing.

Janey Lee Grace has worked in the media for over 25 years on TV, radio and currently as a presenter on BBC Radio 2 on Steve Wright in the Afternoon.  A successful journalist writing for several publications Janey is an author of five books including a number one Amazon best seller.  Passionate about encouraging experts and entrepreneurs to get their message out she recognises that many people manage to attract opportunities but fail to fully maximise it!   Janey offers bespoke media training and a strategy for you to be your own best PR.

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