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Simon Lennon

Simon Lennon is a seasoned artist with over a decade in theatre, TV, and film. He has had prominent roles in n 'Our Girl,' 'Bridgerton,' and 'Emmerdale.' He is a multi-talented professional and also excels in writing, directing, speaking, and producing. Furthermore, he co-founded Itch & Scratch and actively contributes as a facilitator and acting coach, making significant impacts in entertainment.


About Simon Lennon

Simon is a dynamic force in the entertainment industry, seamlessly navigating roles across acting, writing, directing, producing, and speaking. Hailing from Liverpool, he stands out as a sought-after talent from the North, boasting a diverse and accomplished career.

Simon’s portfolio shines with significant roles in acclaimed productions like ‘Our Girl,’ ‘Bridgerton,’ and ‘Emmerdale,’ marking him as a versatile artist with an impressive trajectory.

Beyond his on-screen accomplishments, Simon is a co-founder of Itch & Scratch, a pioneering new writing theatre company affiliated with the National Youth Theatre. Simon is also deeply involved in mentoring and coaching, offering his expertise to underprivileged individuals and esteemed companies, reinforcing his dedication to the growth and diversification of the entertainment industry.

Simon’s multifaceted career and ongoing contributions underscore his unique position in the entertainment landscape, making him an invaluable asset and inspirational figure in both creative and corporate spheres.

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Speech Topics
  • Confidence

Simon gives us insights and techniques into finding ones confidence. He uses life lessons and lessons taught to educate all walks of life; notably in his own company Itch and Scratch, a writing theatre company affiliated with the National youth Theatre.

  • Motivation

Simon’s own generosity to others naturally motivates, however, hearing him talk about how he’s constantly grafting, constantly looking to improve, brings real inspiration to the fold.

  • Setbacks/adversity

Hand in hand with an aspiring actor is setbacks/adversity. Simon compares his auditions to job interviews and invites us to remember what it’s like, not getting that dream job. The actor life means continued auditions with little feedback if you don’t land the role!

  • Mental health and wellbeing

Simon talks to us about the working life of an actor. He elaborates what it’s like working with a cast and crew, sometimes 7 days a week, for 3-6 months, to then not seeing them again at all. He tells us of the down times between jobs and the unknown of when the next one is.

  • High performance

We’re granted access, from Simon into what it takes to perform, on cue, at a high level. Knowledge like this can be implemented into the everyday scenario in the workplace; pitching, meetings, sales calls etc.

  • Educational within acting

In addition to Itch and Scratch, Simon actively engages as a facilitator, course leader to under privileged individuals and acting coach, lending his expertise to various esteemed companies within the industry.

  • Awards host

With confidence, humour and candour, Simon would be a wonderful host to any awards night.

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