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Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury is best known as the former host of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show within an infectious passion for technology and science which he regularly enthrals large audiences for major global brands, often entering the auditorium on an exotic electric gadget and using tech props and prototypes to illustrate his inspiring content. He is an expert in A.I, Blockchain, Energy, Retail, Health and Entertainment Technology


About Jason Bradbury

Jason Bradbury has an infectious passion for technology and science.  A man of natural effervescence, he has been in front of the camera for over twenty years on just about every UK TV channel from Channel 4, to ITV, BBC to Discovery. He started his professional life as one half of a comedy double act with David Walliams, so it is no surprise that Jason brings as much humour to his talks as he does insight.


Jason Bradbury has worked as a TV presenter and producer on hundreds of tech, science and entertainment TV shows in a career spanning almost twenty years. He is also a published author and university lecturer in Product Design.

When it comes to gadgets, science and all things tech, Jason is a force of nature. His own inventions, which include the world’s first working jet-powered hoverboard, have become legendary with viewers of The Gadget Show. He is also a DeLorean Time Machine owner and collector of vintage (mainly 80s) tech.

With an infectious passion for technology and science, Jason brings a natural confidence to his performance on camera rarely seen in factual television and an irrepressible live stage presence. He also boasts impressive comic credentials, developed during his years as a stand-up and performing in a double act with Little Britain star David Walliams.

He is a gadget and technology maestro, a keen collector of ‘exotic’ gizmos and an ardent techno DIY’er. He is a qualified pilot and has showcased his flying skills on many TV shows including BBC’s own ‘Top Gear of the Skies’ ‘The Air Show’ and the award winning Channel 4 Schools series ‘Science in Focus’.  Jason’s interest is no mere gadget fetish but a deep interest in understanding and explaining many of modern technology’s key concepts. For ‘The Gadget Show’, Jason regularly designs and builds his own gadgets with projects including a ‘Heads up Display’ (HUD) for his girlfriend’s Nissan Micra; a £1 electronic Lie Detector and the world’s first wireless and wearable Phone Glove.  Jason has written  the trilogy ‘Dot Robot’ titled ‘Dot Robot’, ‘Atomic Swarm’ with the third and final part; ‘Cyber Gold’.

Speech Topics

Jason’s ‘Thousand Year Decade’ and ‘Lockdown Decade’ speeches predict the dramatic changes to come over the next ten years in A.I, Blockchain, Energy, Retail, Health and Entertainment (and many other sectors) using exponential growth models.

During Lockdown, when the events industry was at a standstill, Jason developed and presented a new speech, “Talk for Pleasure & Profit,”. Through this he shares the public speaking and confidence skills he has acquired over the course of hundreds of speaking engagements.

Jason says “You’d think the glitz and glamour of two decades in front of TV cameras would hold a pull for me. Honestly, an inspiring one-to-one conversation or meaningful presentation in front of a live audience is where I really come alive

Jason Bradbury: 30 Days of AI

In ‘30 Days of AI’ Jason entrusts his every daily decision to artificial intelligence – for an entire month. In this fascinating experiment, he explores the potential benefits and risks of the machine learning revolution that is poised to affect how all of us live and work.

Through the examination of this thought-provoking experience, Jason illuminates the intriguing results of everything from mundane tasks – meal planning and workouts – to ambitious pursuits like creating a profitable side business or achieving financial independence – all seen through the prism of deep learning and Artificial Intelligence services.

Jason has been a student of AI for the last fifteen years, tracking its advances in his hugely successful ‘Thousand Year Decade’ speech. He’s interviewed AI researchers in Japan and Silicon Valley and at IBM’s New England campus, with a particular interest in the use of machine learning and robotics – including helping to create and train a robot to perform live stand-up comedy.

Drawing from his experience as a leading tech authority and his personal journey to balance work and life, Jason’s speech offers insightful perspectives on the future of technology, its implications for leadership and business strategy along with the ethical and philosophical implications of the new age of AI.

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"Jason, the UK’s most recognisable face of technology."

Gavin Spicer, Edelman Group Client Director for Xbox UK, Microsoft Surface

"Jason did a great job at getting across in a highly engaging way a message about a fast changing world, which dovetailed perfectly with the purpose of the day."

Direct Line

"A fascinating, fun and often mind-blowing / unfathomable presentation from the brilliant Jason Bradbury."

Osborne Clarke

"A great success."

Intel Corporation


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