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Antony Slumbers

Antony Slumbers is a versatile professional, transitioning from art dealership to pioneering the UK's first commercial real estate website. He founded multiple startups, notably 'Vicinitee', a property management software. Today, he focuses on the future of real estate, technology, work, and society, advocating for positive change and embracing megatrends like #SpaceasaService and AI.


About Antony Slumbers

Antony Slumbers has had an unusual left brain/right brain career. Having studied History and History of Art at Bristol University he worked for some years for one of the leading 19th Century British & European Fine Art Dealers in London’s Belgravia.

This morphed into developing high end residential apartments, before an abrupt change of heart in January 1995.

On checking out the UK’s first ‘Internet Cafe’ he became deeply enamoured with the potential and prospects of the then nascent World Wide Web. Seeing as real estate involved multiple documents and multiple parties in multiple locations the ‘Web’ felt like a natural bedfellow. So he launched Estates Today as the first commercial real estate website in the UK. With the entire HTML specification then amounting to just 35 sides of A4 even a History of Art graduate to could learn to code.

This lead to deep immersion in the online world, years spent learning increasingly sophisticated software, and a total of five startups, ranging from real estate research to CRM and Project Management applications.

His main startup though was as a joint venture with British Land Plc developing ‘Vicinitee’, a mashup of property management and tenant engagement software that was used by tens of thousands of office workers in dozens of the most prestigious office buildings in London and across the UK.

Having been bought out of Vicinitee by British Land he turned his focus to thinking deeply about the future: of real estate and technology, of work, of cities, and of society. Fundamentally how does, and will, a world of increasingly powerful technology impact on us humans? In terms of how we work, where we’ll work, and most importantly the nature of the ‘work we do’? And how will this, in turn, impact on us outside of work? We spend 90% of our time inside real estate of some sort or other – how will this world around us change? How do we want it to change? How much agency in that do we have?

Long a believer in the power of ‘megatrends’ Antony is well known as a macro thinker. What are the trends that will sustain, and will shape, support and constrain our futures. As individuals, employees, employers and members of society? What can we dictate and what do we need to avoid having dictated to us?

Within the real estate industry Antony is well known as the original ‘chief evangelist’ for #SpaceasaService, or The Trillion Dollar Hashtag as he calls it. Spaces that enable each of us to be as happy, healthy and productive as we are capable of being. And as a major proponent of AI, from the predictive type he has written and spoken about for years to the more recent explosion of generative AI which looks set to turbo change every mega trend.

Antony is a fan of William Gibson’s well known saying ‘the future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed’, and sees his job today as helping others see just that little further over the horizon.

Antony’s style is bracingly independent, high energy, expansive, and upbeat. He aims to act as a catalyst of change, and a cheerleader for forward thinking, positivity and the power of inspiration.

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Speech Topics

Antony’s speech’s include, but are not limited to:

Generative AI is set to Turbo Charge Human Centric Real Estate
How technology is changing how, where and what work we do, and why we need to become better at ‘being human’.

Our Four Great Challenges
Sustainability, Distributed Working, Obsolescence and Cities
The four mega trends that are disrupting ‘everything’.

Cities, AI and the Metaverse
Risks, Opportunities, Actions
How Cities can co-opt AI and the Metaverse to better serve humanity.

A Glimpse into the Crystal Ball
PropTech’s Future Trends and Prediction
Where is PropTech heading, what are the main areas to focus on, and why it is now the best time ever to be in the industry.

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"Antony’s presentation at our real estate and property conference was one of the absolute highlights of the whole event. The breadth and depth of his industry knowledge is truly impressive – this combined with his engaging presentation style made for a session that was both enlightening and entertaining."

Alternative Events

"We hired Antony to speak at our annual flagship conference with over 450 listed real estate specialist attendees. Antony’s keynote address was lively, fast paced and kept the delegates on the edge of their seats throughout. We always have tech speakers at our events but have always struggled to link the futuristic theory of the speakers with on the ground real life examples of exponential change; Antony’s keynote on real estate as a service and AI finally resolved this conundrum. Our only regret is we could not devote more time to his talk and q and a session. A totally professional, passionate and confident speaker who we will definitely engage again in the future."


"Antony’s keynote presentation during our Young Professional Conference was excellent, both inspirational as well as insightful. Antony argued that technology should not replace humans but work in symbiosis. Additionally he suggested that offices and other workspaces need to catalyse human skills, leading to space becoming a service. Antony is a very lively and enthusiastic speaker who connects extremely well with his audience as well as with the other topics and speakers in the programme. it has been a pleasure working with him."


"We had approached Antony from CREDAI for our conference in Tel Aviv which was attended by 1000+ Developers from India. Antony’s technology expertise and his insights into how he sees the impact of new technologies on the real estate industry was indeed a thought provoking session and experience. His ideas on “space as a service” and “artificial intelligence” are sure to revolutionise and create a lasting impact on the real estate landscape in the near and far future! We had many takeaways from his session and provided insights to all the delegates which will help them plan for the future. Antony is also a thorough professional with a warm and friendly personality. We are very pleased to have associated with Antony for our conference.”"


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