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How to choose the right political speaker or current affairs speaker for your event

If you wish to book a political or current affairs speaker but aren’t sure exactly where to start or who to choose, then this is the right page for you.

The Speakers Agency have a huge selection of political speakers and current affairs speakers on our roster who come from all different backgrounds, have had a variety of job roles and areas of expertise. Whatever your requirements, budget and audience, we can supply you with a suitable speaker for your event.

Political speakers and current affairs speakers are often categorised together, but there are subtle differences between the two. The first step to choosing a speaker is to decide which of these categories is most suitable for your event, so let’s start by analysing the differences:


Political Speakers:

Politics is a notoriously tough profession to excel in, and it is widely acknowledged that being a player within the political sphere is not for the faint-hearted. And, no matter your political views, it is undeniable that former and current politicians often make for the most impressive political speakers. They are experts in public speaking, reasoning and presenting arguments because all of these skills come hand in hand with the job. As such, some of the greatest speakers in history have come from the world of politics.

If you have decided that you would like a political speaker for a keynote speech, panel discussion or conference, it is first useful to consider what you would like this person to add to your event.


Do you want a speaker to give insights into the workings of government?

One option when booking a political speaker or current affairs speaker is to hire a current or former politician or political journalist who can offer expert and often trusted insights into the workings of government and the civil service. You may wish to have someone who has had an incredibly impressive and exciting political career and whose speech is heavily anecdotal. Political journalists are another great option if you would like a speech that offers your audience a rare insight into the world of politics. These people have spent years, decades, in some cases a lifetime, understanding and writing on the workings of government and governance.


Alternatively, do you want a political speech from an expert in a specific field?

In contrast to a speech that gives an insight into politics and government, you may wish to hire a political speaker who is an expert within a chosen field that is the focus of your event. For example, former Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers, Trade and Industry Ministers, Education Ministers, and Finance Ministers are perfect options if you want a talk centered on international relations, the global economy, or even a speech focusing on leadership styles.

Hiring a politician as a keynote speaker gives your audience a chance to look at an important issue through the lens of a former or current senior global decision maker. The Speakers Agency are proud to book out a vast array of political speakers and senior politicians from Europe, Africa and Asia.


So how do political speakers differ from current affairs speakers?

Undoubtedly, there is a large overlap between speakers who are political speakers and current affairs speakers. However, whilst political speakers will usually have a background in politics directly (be it as a politician or political journalist), current affairs speakers can often come from a wider range of backgrounds. They may be broadcasters, journalists, authors, advisors or news correspondents to name but a few.

Importantly, these current affairs speakers can be hired for keynote speeches, as commentators, panel hosts and moderators to comment on important matters currently in the news. This could be anything from climate change to conflicts, cybercrime to Coronavirus, and whatever other unpredictable features crop up on tomorrow’s news channels.

Some of our most popular political speakers include Nicky Morgan, Lord John Prescott and Ed Balls.

For current affairs speakers, check out Shabnam Masimi, Carrie Gracie, Julie MacDonald and many more here.

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