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International Women’s Day 2024: Ensuring your Event is Inclusive and Empowering

As we gear up for International Women’s Day 2024, let’s embrace its theme: #InspireInclusion. Inclusion – it’s a word we hear often, but what does it truly mean, especially in the context of gender equality? It’s about creating spaces where every woman, regardless of her background, identity, or ability, feels valued and empowered. Inclusion means actively listening to diverse voices, recognising the unique challenges different women face, and ensuring that everyone has an equal shot at success. It’s not just about opening doors for some; it’s about making sure those doors stay open for all.

This year, it’s time to think beyond the usual. We are urging companies and organisations to make their IWD events not just another date on the calendar but a lively, inclusive, and genuinely empowering affair.

Here are some of our top tips for doing just that:

Celebrating Diversity through Intersectional Voices

Anita Asante speakerIt’s important to remember that womanhood is a unique experience, so it’s a good idea to platform voices that can share a rainbow of experiences. For example, consider booking a speaker who embodies intersectionality and can talk about challenges faced by women at the crossroads of different identities. Footballer Anita Asante is an exceptional choice. As a black lesbian woman, she’s got stories that can open our eyes to the vibrant spectrum of womanhood. Inclusive International Women’s Day events should acknowledge and embrace diverse experiences in womanhood.

Shattering Glass Ceilings

Jo SalterIWD is also a perfect moment to hear from women who have trailblazed paths in male-dominated fields. Imagine hearing from Jo Salter, who soared through the skies as Britain’s first female fighter jet pilot. Her journey is a testament to breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in a field where women are significantly underrepresented. Similarly, Roma Agrawal, one of the only female engineers on The Shard, offers a unique narrative on succeeding in a male-dominated industry. Her story is not just about personal success but about paving the way for future generations of women engineers.

In the world of sports, where gender disparities are stark, voices like Shanel Drewe, successful race driver, are crucial. Her insights can spark conversations about resilience, equality, and the importance of support systems in achieving one’s dreams.

All these speakers can delve into how the world has evolved since they first started their careers, highlighting the progress made and the challenges that still lie ahead. They’ll share personal anecdotes about what has made them feel included and empowered, offering advice for women aiming high.

Balancing Acts: Career and Family

Baroness Helena Morrissey speakerA huge part of many women’s identities is motherhood. Addressing the perennial challenge of balancing career and family, speakers like Baroness Helena Morrissey can offer invaluable perspectives. Once the only woman in a team of 16 fund managers and a mother to nine children, Helena’s experiences shed light on how to navigate professional landscapes while still managing family responsibilities. Her story resonates with many women and can inspire discussions on how companies can evolve to be more inclusive and supportive of these dual roles.

Representation Matters

Cor Hutton inspirational speakerInclusivity in International Women’s Day events means ensuring that the range of speakers reflects the varied tapestry of women’s experiences. Cor Hutton, a woman thriving despite her disabilities, can share her powerful story of resilience and determination. After losing her hands and feet to sepsis, Cor has gone on to achieve an MBE for her charity work helping other amputees. Her narrative reinforces the idea that empowerment and success are not defined by physical abilities but by perseverance and courage.

Let us help you

As a speaker’s bureau, we recognise the profound impact that the right speakers can have on an audience. This International Women’s Day, let us help you curate an event that not only celebrates women but also inspires genuine inclusivity.

Contact us on +44(0)1332 810481 or email to discuss how we can make your International Women’s Day event next level.

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