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International Men’s Day 2023 Speakers

Organisations worldwide are gearing up to mark International Men’s Day on the 19th November. A day to honour and uplift the narratives of men, it also addresses the unique challenges that many men face, particularly issues surrounding men’s mental health and the disproportionately high male suicide rates across the world.

In the UK, 3 out of 4 suicides are by men and globally, on average, one man dies from suicide every 60 seconds. These statistics are a stark reminder of the importance of men’s mental health and the need for safe spaces for open communication in all arenas of life.

The Speakers Agency has an exceptional line-up of speakers, each with their own remarkable journey. They’re ready to share stories of the obstacles they’ve encountered, and the strategies that propel them forward.

Popular International Men’s Day Speakers

The Benefits of Hiring a International Men's Day Speaker

Increased Awareness: Raise awareness about the issues that men face, such as health challenges, the importance of mental health and social expectations on men in society.

Educational Opportunities: Speakers can provide education on specific topics relevant to men, such as the importance of regular health check-ups, strategies for stress management, and balancing work and life commitments.

Improved Employee Well-being: Addressing topics like male mental health, which often goes undiscussed, can help in destigmatising mental health issues and encouraging men to seek support, leading to improved overall well-being.

Addressing Workplace Issues: It can be an occasion to address workplace issues specifically affecting men, such as paternity leave, work-life balance, and career progression, fostering a more supportive work environment.

Our roster comprises activists, athletes, authors and educators, with each speaker bringing a different perspective to the table but all sharing the common goal to inspire and educate.

Top International Men's Day Speakers available to book

Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno is a former WBC World Heavyweight Champion, a beloved British icon, and a passionate advocate for mental health awareness. He is a highly sought-after speaker who is available for fireside chats and Q&A sessions about his career and mental health.

Dr Alex George

Colin Jackson

Colin Jackson is a British Olympic Silver medallist and BBC Sports presenter. In an interview for a Swedish documentary, Rainbow Heroes, Colin revealed how he had not previously spoken of his sexuality.

At the age of 50, Colin revealed that he told his parents about his sexuality back in 2006 after a former romantic partner sold a story to a tabloid newspaper. Colin has since spoken out about the stigma around gay athletes and  the turmoil he suffered from not being able to express his true self.

Josh Patterson

Josh Patterson began his career on reality show ‘Made in Chelsea.’ After a close friend was paralysed from the waist down, Josh decided to complete the Berlin Marathon in a wheelchair, and he has since gone on to complete a huge array of feats and is an ultra-athlete and much-loved broadcaster. Josh can speak on resilience, and men’s mental health.

Clarke Carlisle

Clarke Carlisle is a former professional football, television presenter and keynote speaker. Clarke played football for QPR, Burnley, Blackpool, and Watford to name a few. He suffered from complex depressive disorder throughout his career. He and his wife Carrie often deliver speeches together as they offer the dual insight into what it is like to live with a mental illness and what it is like to live with someone with a mental illness.

Jonathon Acott

Jonathan Acott’s story is one of unwavering resilience, having triumphed over not just one, but six battles with cancer. Through multiple life-changing operations and treatments, mental health challenges and innumerable other misadventures Jonathan has not only survived but thrived, becoming a living testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Nigel Owens MBE

Nigel Owens MBE is recognised as one of the world’s best rugby referees and is the first openly gay man to come out in professional rugby. Born and bred on a council estate in Mynyddcerrig, West Wales, and a fluent Welsh speaker, he first picked up the referee whistle aged 16 after he was told he wouldn’t make it as a player.

Want to book a speaker?

As we approach International Men’s Day, consider booking a speaker to talk to your team to foster a positive discourse around masculinity and men’s mental health.

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