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How to choose the right motivational speaker for your event

Having decided that a motivational speaker is the right type of speaker for your event, the next step is to ensure the person you select is the perfect speaker for your audience.

Live or online, our incredible selection of motivational speakers will have a profound effect on your workforce’s attitudes to their work, their personal life, their wellbeing, and their mental health.

However, undoubtably there will be some speakers’ stories and experiences that resonate more powerfully with your specific audience. Follow the steps below to ensure that you choose the right motivational speaker for your event and specific audience.


  1. Consider your audience

When selecting a speaker, the audience type is key. You may wish to select a motivational speaker who in some way reflects your audience, for example, a person who has built a career in a similar industry. However, the other equally effective option is to select a speaker who may not reflect your audience at all but is someone who can encourage empathy and deliver a speech from an entirely different perspective. How about a female business leader for your male-dominated corporate audience? Or astronaut trainer, Laura Winterling, for a pharmaceutical company?

A first-class motivational speaker will leave your attendees on a high, blown away and full of determination to achieve things they may have previously thought were out of their reach. The speaker should always resonate with an audience and they should be left amazed, encouraged, and, most importantly, totally inspired.


  1. Consider the message you would like to convey

Each motivational speaker brings with them a wealth of knowledge which they have acquired over their lifetime. But the experiences they have endured to get there differ tremendously from speaker to speaker.

Think about whether you would prefer a speaker who has overcome adversity, or someone who has defied others’ expectations of them. It may be that you prefer someone who has turned what could have been an awful experience into something totally positive, or someone who has used their own experiences to make changes in society for the benefit of others.


  1. Consider your budget

When selecting a motivational speaker, the fee can vary hugely depending on how high-profile the speaker is. Well-known speakers tend to command higher fees and carry gravitas. This is particularly effective if you want to use your speaker as a selling point for your event and attract audiences.

Whatever the budget, The Speakers Agency can provide you with suggestions of speakers who fall into all fee brackets. Above all, our motivational speakers deliver the most powerful, engaging speeches, and there are many which fall into more affordable price bands. Ben McBean, for example, has delivered 100s of speeches both live and online and his humble but fascinating presentations consistently leave audiences feeling empowered. Despite falling within our 2.5-5k fee bracket, Ben’s story recounts how he smashed adversity in the face when he lost an arm and a leg in Afghanistan yet has gone on to conquer the most remarkable achievements. What’s more, he receives a standing ovation every time.


  1. Do your research and speak to one of our team

Once you have determined your audience, your budget, and the message you would like to convey, it is useful to do some research into which motivational speakers fit your required brief.

The individual speakers’ profiles on our website provide information about a speaker’s background, their achievements and examples of their speech topics.

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact a member of our team by filling out the Contact Us form, sending an email to or calling us on +44 (0) 1332 810481.

One of our speaker agents will be happy to provide you with some suggestions and advise you on any specific needs/requirements you may have.

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