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Hilarious Motivational Comedians: Inspiration with Laughter

Corporate events can often feel stale. Stuck in a rut of predictable speeches and tired topics, audiences can easily disengage. But what if you could inject a dose of laughter and leave them feeling genuinely inspired? Our comedy motivational speakers can do just that.

For over two decades, The Speakers Agency has connected audiences with the top comedic minds in the motivational speaking world. These aren’t traditional stand-up comedians, they are some of the best motivational speakers on the circuit who weave humour seamlessly into their important messages.

Here are some of our favourites:

Alife Moore

Alfie Moore isn’t your typical motivational comedian. A former police officer turned stand-up comedian, Alfie uses humour-laced anecdotes from his nearly two decades in the force to entertain audiences. His comedic take on the challenges and absurdities of everyday policing can inspire resilience and a fresh perspective.

Alex Brooker

Alex Brooker is a British presenter and comedian known for his dry wit, self-deprecating humour and appearances on ‘The Last Leg’. While not traditionally a motivational speaker, Alex’s success in overcoming personal challenges – such as being born with limb deficiencies – and his sharp observations on life’s absurdities can inspire audiences through laughter and a relatable “get on with it” attitude.

Brian Conley

Brian Conley is a versatile entertainer known for his comedic timing and energetic stage presence. While his career leans more on sketch comedy and musical theatre, his long-running television shows and award-winning performances showcase his ability to hold an audience’s attention and deliver laughter, which can be a powerful tool for boosting morale and creating a positive atmosphere.

Deborah Frances-White

Deborah Frances-White is a comedian and podcaster known for her award-winning show “The Guilty Feminist.” She uses humour to explore feminist issues, Human Rights and LGBTQ+ issues, which can be a relatable and thought-provoking way to address self-improvement and personal growth.

Hal Cruttenden

Hal Cruttenden is a British stand-up comedian known for his observational humour that often centres on everyday life experiences, particularly from the perspective of a middle-aged man. He can blend humour with relatable themes like navigating career changes, family life, and aging, offering a light-hearted and entertaining way to connect with audiences and inspire them.

Helen Lederer

Helen Lederer is a British actress and comedian best known for her role as the delightfully clueless Catriona in “Absolutely Fabulous.” A veteran of the UK comedy scene, Lederer’s sharp wit and observational humour can be used to address challenges faced by women, particularly those related to aging and navigating careers. She is also a renowned speaker on the intersect between comedy and positive mental health.

Lost Voice Guy

Lost Voice Guy (Lee Ridley), is a stand-up comedian who uses a communication device to speak. His act blends self-deprecating humour about his disability with witty observations on everyday life, offering a unique and inspiring perspective. He is a great motivational speaker and disability advocate, all while encouraging audiences to find humour in unexpected places.

Mark Watson

Mark Watson is a British comedian, author, and occasional sports pundit known for his energetic stand-up routines. He tackles a wide range of topics, weaving humour through observations on life’s absurdities and relatable anxieties.

Meera Syal

Meera Syal is a British actress, writer, and comedian known for her work on satirical sketch shows like “Goodness Gracious Me.” She can draw on her experiences as a British Asian woman to deliver humorous motivational talks that tackles cultural identity and social issues.

Neil 'Razor' Ruddock

Neil Razor Ruddock, a former footballer turned motivational speaker, uses humour to address challenges like mental health, weight loss, and overall wellbeing. Drawing on his own life experiences, he can inspire audiences to overcome obstacles in a relatable and entertaining way.

Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha is a multi-talented comedian, quiz show personality (known as the Sinnerman on “The Chase”), and former doctor. His stand-up routines often draw on his sharp wit and intellectual humour, making him a great choice for audiences who enjoy clever comedy with a motivational twist. He has also spoken openly about his experience with Parkinson’s disease, potentially offering relatable humour and inspiration to those facing challenges.

Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins is a comedian and actress, best known for her work on shows like QI and as one half of the comedy due ‘Mel and Sue.’ An advocate for LGBT rights, Sue can address motivation and comedy through humour that tackles themes of identity, social justice, and self-acceptance.

The benefits of Comedy Motivational Speakers

Deborah Frances White delivering a comedy motivational speech

The power of laughter is no secret. Studies show it boosts endorphins, can enhance memory and create a receptive environment for learning. By incorporating humour, comedy motivational speakers can deliver serious messages in a relatable way.

So how do these masters of motivation weave humour into their messages? Storytelling is key. Using personal anecdotes, self-deprecating jokes, and relatable observations, they connect with audiences on a deeper level than your average keynote speaker. They poke fun at common challenges and highlight important lessons with a dash of humour.

If you are interested in booking a comedy motivational speaker, our team of specialists will work closely with you to understand your event goals and find the perfect speaker to resonate with your audience. We handle all the logistics, from initial contact to speaker confirmation, ensuring a stress-free experience for you.

Ready to inject some laughter and inspiration into your next event? Contact The Speakers Agency today! Call us on +44(0)1332 810481 or email

FAQs About Booking Comedy Motivational Speakers

What is a comedy motivational speaker?

A comedy motivational speaker combines humour with motivational messages to inspire and entertain audiences.

How can a comedy motivational speaker benefit my event?

They can add a unique blend of entertainment and inspiration, making your event memorable and impactful.

What types of events are suitable for comedy motivational speakers?

Corporate events, conferences, workshops, award ceremonies, and educational sessions can all benefit from comedy motivational speakers.

How do I book a comedy motivational speaker through The Speakers Agency?

Visit our website, browse our selection of speakers, and contact us for booking information.

How far in advance should I book a comedy motivational speaker?

We recommend booking as far in advance as possible, ideally several months before your event, to ensure availability.

How long does a comedy motivational speaker typically speak for?

Sessions can range from 20 minutes to over an hour, depending on your needs and the speaker’s style.

Are there different types of comedy motivational speakers?

Yes, speakers come from various backgrounds, including business, sports, and entertainment, each offering a unique perspective. For bespoke suggestions of speakers suitable for your event, get in touch today and ask for recommendations. 

Are travel and accommodation costs included in the speaker’s fee?

Typically, travel and accommodation are additional costs to the speaker’s fee, but this can vary.

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