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Marley Conte

Marley Conte is a Non-Binary person and parent of one. They combine their transition and lived experience with writing, blogging, and speaking to improve Trans and LGBTQ+ inclusion and rights. Marley is devoted to creating resources for Trans/Non-Binary parents, sharing their journey and stories as a Trans/Non-Binary parent on their social media platforms.

Photo Credit: Carsten Windhorst

About Marley Conte

As a freelance speaker, writer, and consultant, Marley is passionate about Diversity, Equity, Justice, and Inclusion, particularly for Trans rights.

Using their real life experience as a parent, coming out and transitioning, they create resources to enable others to create safe and comfortable spaces for kids and adults to discuss topics like sexuality and gender as well as better representation of LGBTQ+ families.

Marley also speaks and consults on erasure and understanding on bisexuality and greysexuality.

Speech Topics

Non-Binary In The UK: Lived Experience

A personal fireside chat where Marley speaks about their “late” coming out, transitioning whilst being a parent and the realities of being Trans/Non-Binary in the UK. We’ll talk about coming out, surgery, navigating life as a Trans/Non-Binary parent and why we need to support Trans people in the workplace.

The Importance Of Trans Inclusion And Allyship In The Workplace

Marley uses their personal experience combined with their consultant DEJI experience to promote supportive and active allyship inside and outside the workplace.

Trans parenting & families: How To Create A Safe Space For Your Kids To Talk About Gender.

A fireside chat with Marley. This session will explore how to navigate parenting in a cisgender society, how to talk to kids about gender and sexuality and how to create a safe space for them to talk about gender.

Chosen Families: The Importance Of Finding Your People When Transition Or Coming Out

An intimate fireside chat between Marley and Max, Trans activist, (@theyrequeer) as they discussed the importance of finding support and family outside of your family home. Not all Trans/Non-Binary people are accepted by their families, after coming out. Transitioning and coming out can be a lonely and tiring process and finding your people can make all the difference.

Pride Month – Why Do We Still Need Pride And Why It Should Still Be a Protest!

Why do we still need Pride? A run through LGBTQ+ history movement and the latest attacks on LGBTQ+ rights. A combination of lived experience and world live events to give context to Pride month and why we still need it to be a protest and not a corporate event.

Bisexuality: erasure and biphobia

A reminder that the B is not silent. A look through at how to combat bi-erasure and bi-phobia and how to be a better ally.

Asexuality: a look through the spectrum

What is asexuality and why you need to know about it.

Pronouns 101

We all use them in everyday conversations, so why have they become the main topic of JED&I practices? This presentation will talk through understanding pronouns, their significance to the Queer community and why it is so important to get them right.

We have always been here

Isn’t Non-Binary just a new trend? Why are so many people coming out now? This session will explore the long history of Trans/Non-Binary people. We will talk through how we have always been here and how society and colonisation have changed people’s view on Trans/Non-Binary people.

Stereotyping Gender

Why is pink for girls and blue for boys? Are activities really based on gender? This session will explore how stereotyping gender and boxing people in society expectations has led to discrimination and marginalisation of Trans/Non-Binary people.

Language beyond the gender binary

Not all languages are neutral. How does the language we speak affects Non-Binary people? What can we do to change and what happens in countries where languages are heavily gendered?

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"In celebration of Trans Awareness Week, Reckitt asked Marley to speak to our employees by sharing their journey and advice on how to best support the community, both inside and out of the workplace. Marley was professional, educational and welcoming to all who attended. Their presentation was inspiring, honest and evoked emotion through their personal storytelling and any questions from the audience were answered throughout. In a world where everyday is a learning day, Marley also wasn't afraid in correcting myself, the host, when I made an error explaining Day of Remembrance, which I'm thankful for. It was a pleasure to have Marley as part of our celebrations!"

Assistant Brand Manager, Lower GI

"Marley provided stunning context to points that may have been hard for the wider audience to understand whilst sharing their own experiences and knowledge in a really empowering way."

Universal Music

Marley Conte News

Nov 29, 2023

Empowering Lessons from Renowned LGBTQ+ History Month Speakers

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