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Lifestyle and well-being blogger Stephanie Lewis is also a brand ambassador, speaker, media contributor and much sought after influencer. Her speeches are full of advice and tips about how to blog, how to build content and content strategy and how to build up your online presence safely and profitably. ,


Stephanie left Cheltenham Ladies College at the age of 18, school having been a bit of a struggle for her as she wasn't considered a natural academic. One thing she did have was a huge entrepreneurial spirit, her first venture being selling handmade bracelets to the schools tuck shop.

Knowing she had this determination and fight in her she decided to skip university and go straight into the working world. Stephanie soon applied for a position at Foxtons London's leading Real Estate agency that promised their successful candidate training and a placement within Central London. Having passed the interview she was offered a place in their South Kensington office.

A year later, seeing that the market was suffering as the UK entered a financial crisis. Stephanie packer her bags and booked a one-way ticket to Dubai. Here she found her dream job heading up Quintessentially – the luxury lifestyle service. For five years she organised the lives of Sheikhs, celebrities and captain of industries and enjoyed working with some of the world's most luxury brands.

A decision to move back to London saw Stephanie starting to interview and realising she had to look the part she started to workout. Along side this she was getting accustomed to cooking with UK ingredients again and familiar with what the UK supermarkets had to offer. This lead to her developing recipes from fresh produce that cut out processed ingredients and sugar; something that she felt had been a major part of her diet for years in the Middle East.

By eating clean and understanding what was in the food she was eating she was able to maintain her form without feeling she was on a diet which like many women was something she felt Stephanie had been on for years.

How she wished she had had someone to educate her on food choices years ago and so decided she would write about her lifestyle and accompany them with pictures and videos so people could follow without reading long winded articles on how to stay in shape. And this is how her blogging began.

Stephanie decided to document everything from the choices she made in restaurants to how she worked out weekly making it easy for people to follow.

Stephanie's main motto is not to deprive yourself because she believes that if you follow an 80/20 (80% healthy, 20% naughty) rule then the body and mind don't feel deprived. So if you want to have a pizza then have one. Just make sure its from a local Italian restaurant with natural ingredients because as soon as you deprive yourself you want it even more so and that's how people tend to slip up on strict diets.

Blogging has now become a full time occupation for Stephanie and she loves the fact her passion produces her work. She only blogs about things she truly believes in and acts as brand ambassador only to brands she believes actually are worth the price tag.

She is a qualified personal trainer but doesn't believe you need to spend your life in the gym committing to 2-4 sessions a week is more than enough and she is a huge fan of classes that act as full body workouts.

When she isn't blogging she loves to spend time with her fiancée and her little Maltese, Yorkshire terrier Douglas and loves nothing more than a cosy night in with them, along with a good film and of course a glass of red wine!



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