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Sarah Ann Macklin

Sarah Ann Macklin was once a high-fashion model. After a health scare, she reinvented herself as a beacon in health and nutrition. Founder of the Be Well Collective and the popular Live Well Be Well podcast, she's now a registered nutritionist, TEDx speaker, and health journalist championing mental health and nutrition. Her journey from the fashion industry to advocating for wellness and dietary change has inspired a nationwide movement towards better health practices, marked by her impactful work across various platforms and initiatives.


About Sarah Ann Macklin

Sarah Ann Macklin is a powerhouse in health, nutrition, and wellness, known for her popular podcast Live Well Be Well and her initiative, the Be Well Collective. Starting her career as an international model at 15, Sarah was soon facing the harsh realities of the fashion industry, which led to a significant health scare and a shift in her career focus towards nutrition. Despite being dyslexic, she earned a first-class degree in nutrition and has since become a registered nutritionist, TEDx speaker, and a respected health journalist.

After experiencing the modelling industry’s lack of nutritional support, Sarah founded the Be Well Collective, a non-profit dedicated to mental health support. Her podcast has become one of the UK’s top health platforms, featuring conversations with world-renowned scientists and experts. Sarah’s influence reaches into politics too, having presented on dietary guidelines and Type 2 diabetes at the European Parliament. Her book, “The Great British Veg Out,” sparked a national movement for healthier eating, supported by celebrities and consulting for top brands.

Sarah’s journey from modelling to nutrition has inspired her to help others, particularly through the Be Well Collective, which offers summits, workshops, and mentoring to young people. Her TEDx talk and writings for major publications showcase her commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles.

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Speech Topics
  • Female leadership/role modelsFrom launching her entrepreneurial journey at 15 to becoming a trailblazer in the fashion industry to pivoting her career to establish an organization with a bold vision: to introduce transformative change to a traditionally rigid industry. Through her unwavering voice and exceptional leadership skills, Sarah did the unthinkable—she united an entire industry to embrace change for the first time in its history.But Sarah’s influence doesn’t stop there. She has also become the modern-day voice of health and nutrition across the UK through her successful podcast. Her journey illustrates not just the potential for individual achievement, but the profound effect one person’s leadership can have on shaping industries and inspiring a nation.
  • Neurodiversity Navigating the world with dyslexia has been Sarah’s journey since school, a path marked by challenges that seemed insurmountable. Yet, this journey has been more than a story of struggle; it’s a testament to the resilience and unique perspectives that neurodiversity brings to our lives. Sarah’s experiences with dyslexia have not only shaped her understanding of learning and communication but have also driven her to advocate for a world that recognizes and celebrates neurodiverse talents. This personal battle has underscored the importance of embracing our differences, transforming perceived weaknesses into our greatest strengths
  • ResilienceFrom the world of modelling to navigating the challenges of dyslexia, and eventually founding two companies—one of them a not-for-profit—embodies the essence of resilience. This path wasn’t just about adapting to change; it was about reshaping adversity into a foundation for growth. Facing dyslexia head-on taught Sarah that our greatest struggles can lead to our most profound achievements.
  • Mental HealthFrom pioneering a not-for-profit mental health organization in a resistant industry to navigating personal mental health challenges within the high-pressure modelling world, Sarah’s journey embodies a deep commitment to mental wellness. Her extensive study of the interplay between mental and physical health has provided Sarah with a comprehensive understanding of their interconnectedness.
  • Nutrition Named the Jamie Oliver of Nutrition’ by Marie Claire, Sarah’s journey didn’t stop at retraining as a nutritionist at 24. Over the last decade, she has taken her passion to the European Parliament as the lead nutritionist, run her own successful clinic, and served as an advisor to numerous brands. Her top UK health podcast speaks to the leading voices in this field.  What sets her approach apart is the integration of self-compassion into the fabric of nutritional guidance, recognizing that true wellness encompasses both physical health and mental wellbeing.
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