Pete Cohen


Pete Cohen is a life strategist, dynamic motivational speaker, business consultant, health and fitness professional and author.

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With the personality and skill to change people’s lives, Pete Cohen has drawn on his talents as a motivational speaker, business consultant, life strategist and bestselling author to become one of the most sought after speakers on personal development. Pete’s infectious personality and enthusiasm have also established him as a household name in publishing and broadcasting. Pete was GMTV’s resident life coach for 10 years, and is a bestselling author of books including ‘Life DIY’ and ‘Sort your Life Out’.

Pete is regarded as an authority on motivation by the world of sport, having coached world-class athletes and sporting greats, such as Sally Gunnell, Ellen MacArthur and Ronnie O’Sullivan in achieving peak performance and overcoming adversity. Pete’s impressive portfolio of business clients include over 200 different major corporations including RBS, BAA, Coutts, O2, Vodafone, Marks & Spencer, IBM and Northern Rock.

With an extraordinary understanding of people and their limitations, Pete understands exactly what stops people from leading more productive and fulfilled lives. His speeches and motivational workshops can be tailored to his client’s specific needs, creating a bespoke feel to your event whilst ensuring any underlying theme is incorporated into his interactive presentations.

Pete is driven by his wish to inspire clarity of purpose in people, knowing that by doing so they will become more positive, more productive and more receptive to change. From the outset, he focuses his audience on how they look at their goals and the strategies they adopt to achieve them. Pete’s sessions are perhaps better seen as structured conversations, in which he uses his energetic style, to animate his audiences, gain acceptance for his ideas and set them on the path to renewed belief in themselves and greater understanding of their individual and collective goals.

With his vast experience of working with sporting legends, highly successful entrepreneurs and CEOs, there is nobody better at engaging Pete's subjects and demystifying the pursuit and maintenance of success. A respected business and motivational speaker and has delivered trainings for companies including, IBM, Pfizer and Schering. Pete's experience of working with top athletes including Sally Gunnell, Steve Backley, Dwain Chambers, Ellen MacArthur, Iwan Thomas, Mark Richardson, Christian Malcolm and Carl Hooper enables him to illustrate his motivational work with his observations and experiences.

He totally inspires and entertains his audiences and his workshops are exciting, memorable and fun. He has a rare gift for communicating with groups of any size and spending a day (or even a couple of hours) with Pete can be a life-changing experience.

The winning difference about Pete is that not only does he fire up the motivation in any audience with his energy and insight into human behaviour, but he also is able to inspire them to become motivated themselves, and use his methods to make real changes in their own lives. Pete has an impressive list of qualifications in almost every aspect of sports and fitness training, psychology, coaching, and remedial work.


Pete's key areas of speaking excellence/expertise are:

Optimising your potential
Getting a passion for your work
Breaking unwanted habits (e.g. procrastination, resisting change)
Adopting winning formulas
Taking control of your life
Developing the attitude of a champion
Overcoming obstacles
Developing your inner coach ( and dumping your inner critic)

Pete is also able to tailor the content to meet the needs of the organisation or event.



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