Jenny Jones


Great Britain's first ever Olympic medallist in a snowboarding event, Jenny Jones is a marvellous speaker on the subject of perseverance, determination and pursuing your dream. She's a great snowboarder too.

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Jenny Jones made history at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, winning Great Britain’s first EVER medal in a snow event. Taking home a bronze in the women’s slopestyle category, Jenny has become the UK’s most globally respected and successful professional snowboarder.

Her win is all the more remarkable given the lack of natural snowboarding terrain in the UK. A poster girl for Sochi 2014, Jenny is firmly at the centre of a whirlwind success story.

Jenny first discovered her love of snowboarding aged 17 after having a free 30-minute lesson on a dry ski slope with her brothers in Somerset, close to her hometown of Downend, Bristol. Travelling to the Italian Alps on a college trip, Jenny decided that she wanted to pursue the sport full time instead of going to university. After her college exams, Jenny headed to France and funded her dream by working as a chalet maid in Tignes and riding whenever she could.

Entering her first competition in 1999, Jenny set the snowboarding scene alight and has won a number of big air and slopestyle competitions – including four Winter X-Games and winning three gold medals in two consecutive years in 2009 and 2010 in Aspen and Tignes.

Known for pulling off super technical spins over the biggest of jumps, Jenny combines exceptional natural balance with a strong will to succeed which has made her feared as a competitor.
Away from the slopes Jenny is both humble and humorous and happily tells the story of how she once found a tea bag in her bra after successfully completing her first ever back-flip, so she kept the tea leaves for luck.

Her first ever Olympic medal was a monumental and touching moment for Jenny as she had no idea her parents had travelled to Russia to see her participate and her touching congratulatory hug of her parents in the crowd was one of many people’s highlights.

Outside of the day job, Jenny spends as much time as she can with her family and friends in Bristol, and can often be found surfing the not-so-secret spots of England’s South West coast.



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