Jean Smith


Jean Smith is a social anthropologist currently researching a book on flirting in five different cultures. She interviewed singletons in London, Dublin, Stockholm, Paris, Chicago and New York studying how different cultures use attraction.

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Jean set up Allure Seminars in 2004 having identified a demand for a programme which educated people in essential skills necessary for relating to others in life and love. The Seminars are taught via a combination of theory, practical role-play, and self-analysis.

She also runs The Flirting & Walking Tours, flirting tours of a city's hotspots, provide an 'interactive' overview of the Allure Seminars and currently run in both London and Chicago.

Jean made her mark in the UK as a contributor to radio as 'The Flirting Expert' for stations including the BBC, Capital and LBC. She has been featured in international publications including Marie Claire (London and Russia), Red, Shape Up (Norway’s largest women’s magazine), The Sunday Express, The Daily Express, The Birmingham Post, Time Out London and Chicago, The Chicago Tribune, and Sun Times. Television appearances featured The Flirting and Walking Tour of London as part of a Valentine's Weekend Special 2005 for ITV's 'London Tonight'. She was seen throughout Europe on 'Russian Hour', and appeared on BBC 2’s ‘The Money Programme’. Her recent US television appearances feature Jean as the ‘flirting expert’ on NBC and ABC news.
Jean has done work for many P.R. firms, representing clients such as GM, where she developed and presented material to European journalists in Rome and Rotterdam in the capacity of ‘Inner confidence guru’. Among others, she has also assisted Johnson &Johnson as their ‘body language expert’ and ‘relationships expert’ presenting to journalists in the U.K.

Jean is also in demand as a speaker and for presentations on confidence and body language and the art of interpersonal communication. She is on the entrepreneurial panel for Young Enterprise, a U.K. charity helping students plan their future careers, and regularly speaks to students on behalf of Y.E.




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