David Bodanis


Expert on innovation and future trends, David Bodanis has worked for a number of market leading businesses including Shell, Microsoft and BMW as a technology specialist. His entrepreneurial expertise has helped him quickly develop a reputation as a highly inspirational after dinner speaker.

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David Bodanis is a genuine renaissance man: a futurist, historian, scientist, business advisor and prize-winning author. As an Oxford academic he lectured on geopolitical trends; in industry he was part of Shell's renowned Scenario Unit, looking at the likely impact of technology on economic and social developments. So far his books have been translated into 26 languages.

David has an extraordinary gift for turning complex subjects into compelling stories. Using examples of historical breakthroughs to explain how innovation works, he explores everything from transport and energy to technology and climate change. And with data collected from a multi-million dollar study of 900 firms, he examines the mix of strategies that enable organisations and ideas to develop. His focus is always on practical business solutions.

Aside from innovation, David's presentations address some of the fundamental questions facing business leaders. How do you balance surviving today with performance tomorrow? How do you reconcile the pressure to control costs with the need to cement lasting ties with customers and staff? And after the global crash, what will the future look like for globalisation itself?

David advises companies and government agencies from BMW to Microsoft and the People's Republic of China. He has also worked with the Director of the World Economic Forum on designing the programme for Davos.

Originally from Chicago, David is now based in London. His books include Electric Universe and E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation. His latest work, due for publication in 2010, examines the Ten Commandments in true historical context. It sets out to show how the ten 'devarim' were not harshly imposed laws, as commonly believed, but groundbreaking principles to help a diverse community treat all its members fairly.



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