Wildlife & Habitiat

From vets to wildlife photographers, zoologists, scientists  and animal behaviourists we have an assortment of household names and celebrities who present shows predominantly about animals and pets. Nature experts and presenters, animal behaviourists, endurance cameramen and experts in all topics connected with wildlife and nature speak knowledgeably on a whole range of wildlife and nature subjects.  They include Simon King, Mike Dilger, Chris Packham, Kate Humble,  Michaela Strachan and Wendy Turner Webster.  They are all highly regarded specialists in their particular area of expertise and they educate as they share they amazing experiences about the animals and birds, invertebrates and amphibians they have encountered.  The also include the jungles and deserts, rainforests and tundra which  they have encountered  on their trips to the four corners of the world, the issues arising from disappearing and endangered habitats including ecological disasters, what people can do to encourage animals and birds in our gardens and countryside, and about nature in general.