Event Speakers

As event speaker and host specialists, we work daily with event organisers and people tasked with sourcing a speaker. With a long list of regular clients as well as new ones coming to us every day from corporate, industry, public and private sectors, we are sure we can find the best event speakers for any occasions.

The first thing we do is ask them for is as much information as possible so we can recommend the very best suited speaker to your event. We suggest individuals who we know will really connect with your audience.
This is because we know the person finally selected has to fit the client’s brief perfectly. And more importantly, we want to be sure the speaker or host booked is chosen for their experience, talent and fit rather than simply because of their celebrity profile.

We have someone for everyone. From business leaders and explorers to people who have overcome the most unimaginable hardship and hurdles. We offer sporting giants to psychologists and environmentalists. Mental health advocates to Peak Performance coaches, futurists and technology specialists. We also work with the most experienced event hosts, conference facilitators, panel moderators and chairs.

The Speakers Agency specialises in providing Keynote and Conference speakers along with After dinner and Motivational speakers to Companies & International Conferences worldwide. Our specialist hosts and moderators are also massively popular without clients.

Furthermore, we make sure our speakers and hosts leave a lasting impression on their audiences. This is because they always deliver as required. Their speeches impact their audiences, they demonstrate proven success and most importantly they share their knowledge and enthusiasm. They are all first-class leaders, innovators, inspiring, motivating, educators and pre or post dinner entertainers.

So, whether you require someone to captures the essence of your event and deliver it in a keynote let us help you choose a relevant keynote speaker. Be assured we will follow your brief to the letter and produce recommendations of excellent event speakers who are experts in a specific field but who will tailor their talks for your particular event. They will also incorporate the keys messages you wish your attendees to take home with them into their delivery in their own individual, memorable and entertaining manner.