Anti Bullying

We have an impressive selction of the most passionate and expert anti bullying speakers in the UK.  Bullying means to persecute, oppress, tyrannize, torment, browbeat, intimidate, cow, coerce, strong-arm, subjugate, domineer, and bullying crops up everywhere. From schools to the workplace, from the pub to the boardroom  and everywhere in between.  It also happens in families whether it be a sibling or a partner.  It is a huge issue on social media with keyboard warriors hiding behind the anonymity of their computer screens. Our Anti bullying experts help identify the signs of bullying and share their experiences on this very emotive topic.  We have some very strong speakers on the subject of bullying and they offer truly brilliant advice on how to deal with this horrid treatment.  The Speakers may have been the victim of bullying themselves or have witnessed it at close quarters. Former Egghead CJ De Mooi and former Emmerdale actress Gemma Oaten have suffered first hand from bullies, and Louise Burfitt-Dons is the one of the country’s most formidable campaigners on anti-bullying issues, having founded the children’s charity Act Against Bullying fifteen years ago.