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Diversity expert, Author and outstanding speaker Jonathan Rice wears many hats. For most of the time he is a consultant and lecturer on cross-cultural business links with Asia, and a specialist on international marketing and management styles.

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As a diversity expert Jonathan believes today's business environment is no longer one of cultural unity, nor is it one where we can just shout a little louder to make the blighters understand. When our fellow workers, our customers, our suppliers or our competitors come from another culture, we need to understand the underlying cultural assumptions that make different people work.

These days diversity is not merely about the difference between, say, Chinese and Greeks, but also about the different cultural assumptions of men and women, the young and the old, and accountants and marketing executives. Different companies have different cultures, and the most common cause of failure after mergers is not the product, the finance or the customers; it a clash of cultures between the two merged halves.

Jonathan believes therefore people must learn to communicate across cultures. He says, “We start by understanding our own cultural assumptions – for example about time, about hierarchy, about the role of the individual and the group – and use that knowledge to form workable partnerships with people with different assumptions. There are no rights and wrongs, just differences, and by recognizing those differences we can learn to accommodate them, change them or live with them. Communication is not just the words we speak. It is the body language we use, the actions we take and the interest we show in those we are communicating with.”

Amongst his many other talents Jonathan is also an authority on popular music, having been a founding co-author (with Paul Gambaccini and Tim Rice) of the bible of the industry, ‘British Hit Singles’, published by Guinness since 1977. These books and their sister publications have sold close on two million copies. He has also written books on the Eurovision Song Contest, about which he knows more than any man ought to own up to.

He has written several books to tie in with television series, of which the best selling was ‘Hyacinth Bucket’s Book Of Etiquette for the Socially Less Fortunate’. He is an expert ghost-writer having pseudonymously written for Omar Sharif, Donald Bradman and HRH Prince Philip among others.

Jonathan Rice is married with three grown up children (their description, not his). He and his wife live in Kent, the garden of England (or in their case, the nettle patch of England). He is a Committee Member of Kent County Cricket Club; Chairman of the Lord’s Taverners, cricket’s official charity, and Trustee of Saltwood Cricket Club. He is also a member of the Arts and Library Sub-Committee of M.C.C. and a Governor of Dover College

Energy, humour and an ability to enthuse and insult his audiences are the keys to his speaking style.


Jonathan Rice’s Diversity programmes are tailor-made for each client company, and will help ddelegates explore the cultural assumptions of their own workplace; learn how to identify the potential areas of cross-cultural misunderstanding; understand the principles of cross-cultural team building; look at changes in working styles needed to minimize cross-cultural difficulties; and put together a plan of action to enact these changes.

His programmes are aimed at any leader or manager with responsibility for building and running multi-cultural teams or for working with customers, suppliers or partners from other cultures. These will include chief executives, senior directors, human resource professionals and leaders of change within organisations.

One Hour Presentations - Diversity Themes

• How Do I Know What I’ve Said Until I Know What You Heard?

• Learning Chinese – How It Shapes Chinese Ways Of Thinking

• Diversity And Monoculturalism – Strengths And Weaknesses

• Organizational Culture And National Culture – Who Wins When They Clash?

• Selecting Staff For The Right Cultural Fit

• Corporate Values And Personal Values – Are They Ever The Same?

• My Family And Other Cultures



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