Jeremy Skidmore


An experienced and accomplished journalist, Jeremy Skidmore is a skilled moderator and conference host who receives excellent reviews and is always enthusiastic, passionate and thoroughly prepared for each and every event

Awards Presenter and Host, Conference Facilitators, Journalists, Leadership, Sports


Jeremy Skidmore has been a journalist for more than 25 years. He was a staff reporter on The Daily Telegraph and Mail on Sunday, and editor of the leading travel trade newspaper Travel Weekly.

As a freelancer, he has contributed to several national newspapers and magazines, online publications and television and radio stations.

Jeremy has a successful media and crisis training business, coaching senior executives of big brand companies, such as Hilton Worldwide, P&O Cruises, Skyscanner and Travelport.

He also runs presentation training courses, helping senior executives to present for major events such as their annual conference, and is a consultant and copywriter to several firms.

Jeremy has been hired to moderate and host a wide variety of events for companies including Barclays Bank, The Caribbean Tourism Organisation, The Global Travel Group, HSBC, Nectar, Kuoni and The Travel Foundation.

He has a corporate video company that produces broadcast-quality videos, on budget, that have a proven track record in driving sales. . His video clients include Arsenal, Avis, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Shangri-La.

An economics graduate and a former Club 18-30 rep, Jeremy is a sports fanatic and in his spare time regularly swims, runs and plays cricket.


"Jeremy moderates our annual conference and is a delight to work with! He works closely with us from start to finish, ensuring that the conference runs smoothly and professionally. He moderates with great enthusiasm and shows passion for our company and the objectives that we wish to come across. He keeps the Interviews and panel sessions flowing and is always clear and concise with his questioning techniques.

The Global Travel Group

"Jeremy moderated our conference to celebrate the re-opening of the Rome Cavalieri hotel and we were delighted with his work. He skillfully held everything together, asked relevant and concise questions and was great fun to work with."

Hilton Worldwide

"At the annual HSBC conference, Jeremy moderated one of the key sessions. He was incisive, engaging, witty where appropriate and had clearly researched a lot about our business. We would definitely recommend him."



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